Online Programs

As the name suggests, these programs are provided entirely online! Each program is tailored to the individual client to help them meet their specific health and wellness goals. All clients are provided with educational materials, 24/7 access to their program via the Balanced Bodies Fitness App, accountability through formal check-ins conducted via WhatsApp, and access to a private Facebook page for additional community and support. 

Below you will find more detailed information about what is included in the online programs. If you are interested in investing in a program, please submit a commitment free application today so we can schedule a call to discuss your goals and get you started on the journey to the happiest, healthiest version of you!




All fitness programs are tailored to the individual clients training experience, physical limitations, time constraints, available equipment, and goals. The program is provided through the Balanced Bodies Fitness App with a video and written description for every movement programmed. The client may complete their training at any time throughout the week; no need to make or cancel in person appointments! 

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All nutrition programs are tailored to each client's experience with macro and/or calorie tracking, dieting history, personal goals and health and wellness needs. Each client is provided with multiple nutrition guides/resources to help them along the way. Protocol adherence is monitored via the Balanced Bodies Fitness App which connects directly to MyFitnessPal. 

Client Education

 Each client is given lifetime access to multiple educational handbooks and guides to reference throughout their journey. Client education is extremely important to me as a coach, as it is my goal to help you develop a comprehensive understanding of how to create sustainable, long-term habits that lead to maintainable results. My goal is to be the last coach you ever need.

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Handbook Cover

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Handbook Cover
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MFF Subscription

In addition to the library of guides and handbooks, all new clients are provided with a 3-month subscription to MFF to help provide them with ideas for delicious, family friendly recipes that can help them meet their goals! With the subscription you will have access to all of the MFF recipes, along with 12 new recipes released on the first of every month.  


Fitness App

All clients will have access to an individual account in the Balanced Bodies Fitness App where all fitness and nutrition protocols are located and updated regularly. In addition to those protocols, I also have the ability to schedule individual daily goals and reminders, such as prioritizing self-care, to help develop and solidify other lifestyle habits needed to see long term success in their health and wellness journey. 


Formal Check-Ins

All communication will take place via WhatsApp. Formal check-ins are conducted once a week using the template provided in the Client Handbook. I review the check in, updated photos, and any videos sent. I responded to each check in via voice memo within 24 hours which addresses any questions, suggestions for form improvement, and protocol adjustments that need to be made. In addition to formal check ins, clients may ask questions in WhatsApp throughout the week. 

Now, are YOU ready to invest in your health and wellness journey with a program that is designed specifically for YOU and with a coach dedicated to YOUR success? 

Take the first step by submitting a commitment free application today so we can schedule a phone call during which we can discuss your goals, and any questions you have about the program!