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Both Full Coaching and Nutrition Only coached programs are provided online. Each program is tailored to the individual client to help them meet their health and wellness goals. All clients are provided with educational materials, 24/7 access to their program via Trainerize, and accountability through weekly check-ins conducted via WhatsApp.

Applications for 2022 will reopen at the end of DECEMBER

Gym Equipment

Fitness Programming

All fitness programming is customized for each client. Once the number of training days is decided you will be provided with a program designed for your goals with the equipment you have available. The programming is provided through the Trainerize app so it is accessible for you to complete at any time. No need to make and cancel in person appointments. 

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Nutrition programming is largely based on the concept of macronutrient tracking - education about which is provided to all clients. All goals will be customized and set for the client's individual health and wellness needs. Nutrition programming is also provided through Trainerize, which connects directly to MyFitnessPal for easy tracking accountability. 

Client Education

Each client is provided with a Client Handbook, Nutrition Guide, Macro Tracking Guide, 40+ Macro Friendly Recipe Ideas, and a Resistance Training Guide to help them get started on their journey. Additional guides/materials are provided as needed. As your coach it is my goal to help you develop a comprehensive understanding of how to create sustainable, long term habits that lead to maintainable results. 

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All fitness and nutrition programming is made available through Trainerize, which is completely free to the client. This app makes your programming available to you anytime, anywhere. You are provided with a written description and instructional video for each exercise programmed and the app will track your progress from week to week, awarding you badges for each goal achieved. As your coach I am able to monitor your progress throughout the week, making it a great tool for accountability.  


Client Communication


All communication will take place through WhatsApp. Formal check-ins will be conducted once a week using a template I will provide. I will review your check in, updated photos, and any videos sent. A voice memo will be sent to you within 24 hours that addresses all questions you may have, suggestions for form improvements, and protocol adjustments that need to be made. In addition to the formal check in the client may ask questions in WhatsApp throughout the week.