Client Transformations

Client Testimonials

Stephanie T.

"Working with Amber has been the best investment for both my personal and mental health. The support from her is unconditional and nonjudgmental. She has been one of the biggest supporters and helps me to achieve all goals no matter how big or small." 

Gina F.

"Amber has helped me to do something I've never been able to do. I've tried all kinds of diets, fad workouts, and nothing has worked. This program has shown me the proper way to eat for my body and exactly how to exercise. I've been able to eat great food and still have snacks and treats along the way. As long as you are consistent you will be successful physically and mentally. "

Bonnie E. 

"My fitness journey started in July with Amber and Balanced Bodies Nutrition. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I have grown in so many ways, mentally and physically thanks to Amber."

Jill S.

"My experience with Amber has been amazing. Not only has my body changed, but my mind changed so much for the better! I moved from restricting and binging to fueling my body! Eating more food, building more muscle, and enjoying life! I'm not consumed by my weight and feeling more energized and happy! I trusted her through the process even when I wanted to go back to restricting and my body thanked us both for it! If you want results this is your girl! She doesn't just care about a quick fix but genuinely cares about the long term effect on your metabolism, hormones, and overall well being! Amber has been a blessing to my life/goals and gave me so much more than I even asked for!"

Tricia S.

" I started my journey with Amber with a nutrition only program as I was finishing up another fitness challenge. The knowledge I got from her was amazing, it wasn't simply 'here are your macros, stick to them' and off I went. WE talked about what to eat, what types of food fuel you in differnt ways and low vs. high volume foods. After my fitness challenge was done I decided to sign up for 6 months of the 1:1 fitness and nutrition coaching. I had always worked out but it was bouncing from one program to another with no consistency in workouts or macros. With Amber we have a plan in place and I am doing things the right way for once! CONSISTENCY is the key word here! The way my program is structured is perfect for me as it was very similar to what I was used to (5 strength days/3 cardio sessions). I love Amber's coaching style. She is very factual and informative. She won't just give you an answer or tell you to do something, she she will give you an explanation as to WHY. Each week after my check in, Amber provides a detailed response voice message response. This definitely isn't your cookie cutter, cut and paste program and coaching style. I am six weeks in and I cannot tell you how happy I am I made this decision!" 

Sherri S.

"Having never had a 1 on 1 coach for any fitness experience, I've got to say this has been an eye opener for myself. I've appreciated all of the feedback for any questions I have had. The workouts are formed for what I have to use at home, because I feel better about working out in that type of situation. They are kick butt workouts as far as what I've had to do, in a positive way. Amber has been great with getting me the information needed to learn what I needed to do for macro tracking. I've never done this before and all of it has been helpful. To sum this up, I would say if anyone has ever thought about having a 1 on 1 coach, Amber is the way to go."

Alyssa M.

"Thank you! A true thank you for everything you have taught me in the 10 weeks we have worked together. Being able to fall in love with eating again has been a game changer. I haven't had pop tarts, grilled cheese, or pasta in years, as a regular food. Learning more and more that there is no bad food. I just need to learn to balance and add protein to the foods for a more filling and nutrient dense meal. 


In just a short 3-4 months I have seen progress I haven't gotten in the last 2 years of trying to get to my fitness goals."

Elizabeth F.

"Amber is a very realistic coach that has helped me break through my stereotypes about foods and break the vicious cycle of dieting and mindset of the diet culture. Her workout plans are on point. Her guidance and knowledge base are top notch quality. She has taught me so much about living a truly healthy lifestyle and I have developed life long positive habits from my experiences with her as my coach.."

Katilyn P.

"Working with Amber was wonderful. Even though our experience together wasn’t what I had planned (got pregnant right after I signed up) her knowledge was invaluable for me. Mentally, I progressed so much over the 6 months we worked together. Amber was encouraging, understanding, and a wonderful source of knowledge. She made me feel worthy, strong, and helped me accept my changing body. I cannot recommend her enough. I can’t wait to work with her again post partum."