Frequently asked questions

How much do 1 on 1 coached programs cost?

The cost of the program is dependent upon which program you choose, and the length of the committment. Do remember that this is an investment in your health. The cost of the program directly reflects the quality of service you will recieve as a client.

Why is there a 3 month minimum committment for 1 on 1 Coaching?

A three month minimum is neccesary to ensure we have time to work towards your goals and see progress. These programs are designed to help you develop long term, healthy, sustainable habits. That is difficult to achieve in a shorter time frame. Remember, this is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

Do you offer discounts?

The price points were developed to be affordable to you, but fair for the service I am providing. I do not off discounts other than those directly advertised (ex. $50 off of coaching for purchasing an uncoached program in the month of August). I do, however, offer payment plans.

What equipment do I need?

For those interested in a coached program, the exercises provided will be tailored to the equipment you have available. For those participating in the challenges, the home program has a mix of dumbbell and resistance band exercises. A bench is helpful, but not required.

Do you provide meal plans?

No. I am not a Registered Dietician, therefore it is out of my scope of practice to provide meals plans. As a nutrition coach I will provide you with a set a custom macros/calories, which will be adjusted as you progress. The goal of the program is for you to learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle while being able to eat the foods YOU enjoy, and providing a meal plan to follow does not allow for this.

What happens after I submit my application?

Once I receive your application I will review your answers and contact you via the preferred method indicated. We will decide on a time for a phone call so that we may dicuss your application and whether or not I am a good fit for you. If we decide to move forward a contract will be signed and initial payment made. I will provide you with a more extensive questionnaire to fill out so I can design and provide you with your program by the agreed upon start date. Then we begin our journey together!!

How do the coached challenges differ from 1 on 1 coaching?

1 on 1 coaching involves a much more customized and hands on experience for the client. All fitness and nutrition protocols are provided via Trainerize and designed specifically for the client and their goals. Videos and written descriptions of programmed excerises are provided. All challengers receive the same resistance training program via PDF so it is not customized to the individual and there are no video or written descriptions for the programmed exercises. Both options do include a once weekly formal check in through WhatsApp to review progress and change protocols as needed.


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