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The Challenge!

 Are you wanting to work towards becoming the happiest, healthiest version of yourself in 2023? The new year is a great place to start building new habits that will help you do just that. I started my journey with a new years resolution in 2020 and haven't looked back!

Instead of starting the year with a crash diet and hours upon hours in the gym, I focused on making small changes to my daily habits that I was able to build upon over time. This "New Year, New Habits Challenge" is an 8-week program that begins January 2, 2023, and is designed to encourage you to do the same! You will focus on three habits that will help you get closer to your health and wellness goal. Think along the lines of increasing water intake, eating more fruits and vegetables, and prioritizing protein.


In addition to these habits, you will be provided with a gym and home version of a 4x per week resistance training program, an initial macro calculation (or nutrition goal of your choice), an optional mid-challenge check-in/macro adjustment, training and nutrition guide, access to the in-app support group, and free challenge t-shirt. All delivered and monitored via the Balanced Bodies Fitness App!

And as an added bonus, if you sign up before Dec 23rd you will receive an optional 3-day training program to complete before the challenge even starts!

*Home version requires resistance bands with door anchor and a heavy and light set of dumbbells. A bench is suggested by not required.*


The Ultimate Grand Prize!

This is a challenge, so of course there's a prize! If you complete 80% of your chosen habits and resistance training program, you will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize (over $400 value) which includes everything you need to excel in your health and wellness journey beyond these 8 weeks! 


-Vooray Gym Bag

-Hydrojug, Sleeve, and Straw 

-Balanced Bodies Blender Bottle 

-Legion Vanilla Whey Protein 

-Versa Grips 

-$100 No Bull Gift Card 

- MFF Cookbook 

- Free Month of the BB Fitness Subscription


*The New Year, New Habits Challenge is not sponsored by any brands included in the prize package*



*Protein and Gift Card Not Pictured*


Are you READY?!?!

If you are READY to make 2023 the year you finally say "enough is enough" to the short term, quick fix diets and challenges that only ever reward unrealistic, unsustainable results, then look no further and join the New Year, New Habits Challenge today! 

Work towards implementing real lifestyle changes, make progress towards your goals, and earn the opportunity to win an incredible prize package! 

The happiest, healthiest version of you is waiting!

Sign-ups close Friday December 30th, 2022.


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